by Inmyths



released June 16, 2013

All songs by Inmyths
Hugo Almeida - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Drums, Keyboards
Silvia Brites - Back vocals on "Laymen","Rain Again","This Song I Wrote"
João Castelo - Drums on "Rain Again" and "Live Long"
João Mendes - Bass on "Rain Again"
Recorded at Inmythstudio, Lisbon
Rain Again Drums, Bass and Guitars Recorded at Thape Estudios, Loures
Rain Again, Live Long, Pain Love - Mastered by Severin Jousset, Paris
All photos by Silvia Brites




Inmyths Lisbon, Portugal

Inmyths is Hugo Celso
Nomads (2018)
Start Something New (2018)
Chasing Dreams (2016)
Scarcity (2012)
Inmyths (2009)

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Track Name: Realign
We decided to go together destination unknown
Realign with the center of the universe
And while we go there's no place I'd rather be

Since we left it doesn't matter where we'll end up
Or how long will we wander because we are home.
And while we go there's no place I'd rather be

While we go
While we go on
There's no place while we go
Track Name: Laymen
Why do wise men fail to see the obvious?
Why do laymen follow what wise men say?

You're not on your own, I'm just sayin' you're not on your own

Why do old men claim
To be the young men's fault
for the state we're in
when we're not apart

We're not alone I'm just saying we're not alone
Track Name: Rain Again
Here comes the rain again
To ruin all your plans
You wish you could ascend
But all your poetic justice
Serves only who you wish to harm

Where's their pain now
To justify your crown?
There's nothing here to stray
So all your integrity and fairness
Means nothing to those who
you should love
Track Name: Live Long
I’m trying to make it, this time I will
make all the right, perfect choices
Believe my instinct, just for a minute
I will use reason to bring my life back

Live long, live long, Play hard, Live more
Live long, live long, Play hard, Until I’m gone

Instead of waiting I’ll go all the way
Forget the past, learn from my mistakes
I’m on a roll, prepared for the worst
It’s just a moment for my comeback
Track Name: Pain Love
I thought I'd spare you pain, love
But pain won't let me feel love
On the other hand
I know my hate will never
Cause anything but pain, love
On the other side
And all the others cry
I know you think you're in pain
All you feel is no longer love
All is over
Comeback and save my life
Don't give up on me now, my love
Swear you're on my side
While the others cry
Track Name: I Want To Be An Alien
Well...I want to be an alien
Move away from this beautiful planet

Soon this will be just a memory
All my pain will unite with love

Go away from here to my galaxy
Run away from this inhuman place

Soon this will be just a memory
All my pain will unite with love

Visions I start to remember

Visions I want to remember soon
Track Name: This Song I Wrote
This song I wrote is not for you
Made it a long ago, before I met you

It was an error
to think that I could choose
The perfect words
To rhyme with you

This song you hear
Is not meant for you
You shouldn't listen
It just might hurt you

It was a mistake
To think that I could use
The perfect mirror
To reflect me in you
Track Name: No Reasons
And I won’t seek anymore
And I will search no longer
Well I am too tired
And I will cease to explore

Since loneliness is my dream

Someday I will disappear
Slowly fading calmly leave
behind sorrows painful feelings
Comeback once more
keep on dreaming

I have reasons
I am grieving
And I will give it up
I’m completely drained and my soul
Is so empty I can’t grow
Since loneliness is my dream
Track Name: Who Are You?
Silence sounds like something I've never heard,
Darkness seems like something I've never seen

All the sounds are fading (away)
All the colors are black and grey
Trapped in our own freedom (we stay)
(Trying to) figure out the words they say

Acting like we know it all, feel it all
And what does it mean? When will it fall?

Coming back to my senses
I realize
All the pain that I'm feeling
All of what is trapped inside

Makes me wonder if I'm a fool or what?
Makes me hunger to get to you

But who are you?
Track Name: Handful Of Choices
We didn't know much about anything
that could help us through life
sitting outside our well safe gardens
we wanted it all, we did have it all

And what did we know?
where was our choice?
how can you choose from
a set of closed boxes?

We spent our time dreaming
of things that never were
supposed to be simple,
and we took it all for granted

And what did we know?
who would hear our voice?
if all we had was
a handful of choices?
Track Name: You're Not Going To Save The World
You're not going to save the world
You're not going to change it

You change yourself
And let it change

You're not going to amend the world
You're not going to rescue it

You can change yourself
Let it change again