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What's in it for you?

by Inmyths



EN ------------------------------

This is the first song I recorded after I went vegan almost two years ago.
It's a statement of empathy and I thought a lot about whether I should release it or be quiet.

The political side, which is a characteristic of Inmyths' lyrics, was stronger and this is the first humble record that aims to give a voice to the voiceless, be them animals, or the generation that is not yet born and doesn't know what world will exist when they come.

On my recent path I have found an alignment of my practices with my values and that gives me a sense of tranquility and peace. However, I have also found much animosity simply for trying to spread the idea that great animal suffering is by us humans caused unnecessarily.

I respond as I know how, with songs, which I hope will open minds and above all hearts.

PT ------------------------------

Esta é primeira canção que gravei depois de me ter tornado vegano há quase dois anos.
É uma afirmação de empatia e pensei muito se a deveria libertar ou se deveria estar calado.

O lado politico, que é uma característica das letras de Inmyths foi mais forte e este é o primeiro registo humilde que pretende dar voz aos que não têm voz, sejam eles os animais, sejam a geração que ainda não nasceu e não sabe que mundo vai existir quando vierem.

No meu recente caminho encontrei um alinhamento das minhas práticas com os meus valores e isso é um sentido de tranquilidade e paz. No entanto, também encontrei muita animosidade simplesmente por tentar espalhar a ideia de que um grande sofrimento animal é por nós humanos provocado desnecessariamente.

Respondo como sei, com canções, as quais espero que abram mentes e acima de tudo corações.


what’s in for you?
what’s in it for you my friend
for you to just walk away?
can’t you feel the mothers’ pain?
their sons’ about to die again
why do you keep ignoring them?
they wish to live but you just won’t let
and i can see you’re numb
it’s time to wise up
it’s time to wake
what’s in it for you
that makes you look the other way?
what do you have to gain
that’s worth to put them all through hell?
is what’s in it for you
oh, hell that’s what’s in it for you
for us
and all their suffering
is a vicious cycle where we all pay
will you just give away
and let the future go to hell?
is what’s in it for you
oh, hell that’s what’s in it for you
to hell for what’s in it for you
oh, hell is what’s in it for you
for us


released May 21, 2021
Composed and recorded in Lisbon by Hugo Centúrio
May 2021


all rights reserved



Inmyths Lisbon, Portugal

Inmyths is Hugo Centúrio's alter ego
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