Scarcity - chapter 1 - Underway

by Inmyths



"Inmyths presents us with neatly crafted approaches to the folk genre, where a soothing and reflexive environment is created to accommodate his voice. In this regard, a certain familiarity can be traced to the likes of David Sylvian, specially in 'Laymen', but in an acoustic packaging closer to the Days of the New aesthetic.All in all, his sound crafting is well-balanced, his interpretative skills are flawless, and the very nature of his multi-instrumentality deserves a careful listen, from the dramatic urgency of 'Underway' to the more under-the-stars-by-the-fire moods of 'Realign'."


released January 7, 2012




Inmyths Lisbon, Portugal

Inmyths is Hugo Celso
Nomads (2018)
Start Something New (2018)
Chasing Dreams (2016)
Scarcity (2012)
Inmyths (2009)

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Track Name: Realign
We decided to go together destination unknown
Realign with the center of the universe
And while we go there's no place I'd rather be

Since we left it doesn't matter where we'll end up
Or how long will we wander because we are home.
And while we go there's no place I'd rather be

While we go
While we go on
There's no place while we go
Track Name: Laymen
Why do wise men fail to see the obvious?
Why do laymen follow what wise men say?

You're not on your own, I'm just sayin' you're not on your own

Why do old men claim
To be the young men's fault
for the state we're in
when we're not apart

We're not alone I'm just saying we're not alone