Scarcity - chapter 3 - I Want To Be An Alien

by Inmyths

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This is the 3rd chapter of Scarcity


released September 22, 2012




Inmyths Lisbon, Portugal

Inmyths is Hugo Celso
Nomads (2018)
Start Something New (2018)
Chasing Dreams (2016)
Scarcity (2012)
Inmyths (2009)

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Track Name: I Want To Be An Alien
Well...I want to be an alien
Move away from this beautiful planet

Soon this will be just a memory
All my pain will unite with love

Go away from here io my galaxy
Run away from this inhuman place

Soon this will be just a memory
All my pain will unite with love

Visions I start to remember
Visions I want to remember soon
Track Name: This Song I Wrote
This song I wrote is not for you
Made it a long ago, before I met you

It was an error
to think that I could choose
The perfect words
To rhyme with you

This song you hear
Is not meant for you
You shouldn't listen
It just might hurt you

It was a mistake
To think that I could use
The perfect mirror
To reflect me in you
Track Name: No Reasons
And I won’t seek anymore
And I will search no longer
Well I am too tired
And I will cease to explore

Since loneliness is my dream

Someday I will disappear
Slowly fading calmly leave
behind sorrows painful feelings
Comeback once more
keep on dreaming

I have reasons
I am grieving
And I will give it up
I’m completely drained and my soul
Is so empty I can’t grow
Since loneliness is my dream