Scarcity - chapter 4 - You're Not Going To Save The World

by Inmyths

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This is chapter 4 of the album Scarcity


released January 26, 2013

All photos by Silvia Brites




Inmyths Lisbon, Portugal

Inmyths is Hugo Celso
Nomads (2018)
Start Something New (2018)
Chasing Dreams (2016)
Scarcity (2012)
Inmyths (2009)

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Track Name: Who Are You?
Silence sounds like something I've never heard,
Darkness seems like something I've never seen

All the sounds are fading (away)
All the colors are black and grey
Trapped in our own freedom (we stay)
(Trying to) figure out the words they say

Acting like we know it all, feel it all
And what does it mean? When will it fall?

Coming back to my senses
I realize
All the pain that I'm feeling
All of what is trapped inside

Makes me wonder if I'm a fool or what?
Makes me hunger to get to you

But who are you?
Track Name: Handful Of Choices
We didn't know much about anything
That could help us through life
Sitting outside our well safe gardens
We wanted it all, we did have it all

And what did we know?
where was our choice?
How can you chose from
A set of closed boxes?

We spent our time dreaming
of things that never were
supposed to be simple,
and we took it all for granted

And what did we know?
Who would hear our voice?
If all that we had
was a handful of choices?
Track Name: You're Not Going To Save The World
You're not going to save the world
You're not going to change it

You change yourself
And let it change

You're not going to amend the world
You're not going to rescue it

You can change yourself
Let it change again